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What things in your life would you like to change? Emotions or behaviors that aren’t serving you anymore? What if I told you there is an easy way to improve your emotional state?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a method to help you quickly do just that. The technique is based on the idea that points along acupuncture energy meridians can be tapped to reset your emotional energy. EFT tapping is simple to do and can alter your negative emotional state quickly.

Can you remember a time in your childhood that you were scolded for something you didn’t know was wrong?

The event may have caused you to feel ashamed, scared or uncertain of yourself. It may have created doubts that you still carry to this day and these negative feelings can hold you back from being as successful and confident as you could possibly be.

If you use EFT tapping therapy and thinking about the past event at the same time, the emotions surrounding it can be changed.

You can change your uncertainty into confidence, almost instantly. You can also change any beliefs that were formed during this event by concentrating on them as well.

Beliefs are thoughts we consider to be truth.  They have all-pervasive effects on our lives.

Maybe it made you begin to think that you were a bad person or that there was something wrong with you. The realization that these thoughts are only beliefs, not truths, can be grasped while tapping.

This realization can be the first step to transforming the way you feel about yourself!  And that knowledge gives you the power to change.

EFT tapping is easy once you’ve learned the point.  You can learn the tapping points in just over one minute in this YouTube EFT video

By taking the time to learn and use this technique, you’ll quickly be on your way to a more confident you!

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